I feel deeply involve in the propagation of science to younger people, either at the undergraduate level or for high-school kids. You’ll find here a list of my contributions.

Coupe de Science President/Vice-President 

The Coupe de Science organization is a scientific and pedagogic event that helps promote science for high school students before they enter CEGEP. I’ve participated as a volunteer in this event from 2011 to 2013. The main goal of the event is to bring a delegation of high school students to the University, pair a group of 4 of them with  an undergraduate science student and give the whole team a series of science related problems to resolve. In the first year, I acted as a volunteer and helped a team of students. In my second year, I acted as Vice-President. In this role, my duties consisted mostly of managing and matching volunteers with high school student teams to provide them with advice with regards to a career in science and make sure the whole thing ran smoothly (Winter 2011-2012). In my final year, I became President of the organization for the 2013 edition, with the theme of astrophysics, specifically revolving around a hypothetical landing scenario on Mars. (New edition and more pictures here)

Frisbee team captain

I was the captain of a Ultimate Frisbee team for the Quebec division.

Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference

I’ve initiated the first Université Laval delegation to attend the CUPC in Halifax (Fall 2010). This conference help students prepare their presentation skills for graduate research and share their summer internship results.

Vice-President Physics Society

I spent a good part of my time in undergraduate studies as Vice-President for Socio-cultural activities in the physics society (Fall 2009 to Winter 2011). The planning of networking events was my main duty. Mostly, those events were meant to help create links between industry people (mostly in optics at that time, which is Quebec strength), professors and students. 

Private teaching assistant

During my last year of CEGEP and my two first years of undergraduate studies,  I was employed by the TANDEM organization to help tutor student at the Sainte-Foy CEGEP in physics and general science (Fall 2008 – Winter 2010).
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