FRQ-NT Doctoral research scholarship B2 (Winter 2014- present)
The doctoral thesis title is “Determining which techniques yield most accurate stopping power estimates between dual energy CT and multiple energy CT with or without combination with the pCT/cCT” This subject is of great importance for proton radiotherapy. A precisely known anthropomorphic phantom is used to calibrate MC calculations and set a reference for the precision of the stopping power ratio. Then, the use of prompt gamma (PG) is also investigated to accurately determine the Bragg peak distal edge and correlate this with the results of MC simulations. A Compton cameras composed of two silicon scatter detectors and one LYSO scintillation absorber, will be designed, validated and used to experimentally determine the prompt-gamma emission point and energy. Multiple MC algorithms (Geant4, MCNPX, FLUKA) are evaluated to determine which one provides the most precise results.

Alexander Graham-Bell NSERC Master scholarship (Fall 2011 – Fall 2013)

Both calcification and orientation of seeds are emerging problems in clinical low-dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy treatment, but the effects on the phantom dose distribution and clinical dosimetric indices have not yet been studied. By developing, calibrating and implementing a Geant4 simulation algorithm for brachytherapy we recreated the dose distribution for a large patient database in which we identified two sub-cases : (a) patients with calcification (b) patients with known seeds orientation.

FRQ-NT Master scholarship (turned down) (Fall 2011 – Fall 2012)

Physics graduate department Scholarship for Excellence in Graduate Studies (2 times : Winter 2012 and Fall 2013)

IPP/CERN Institute of Particle Physics fellowship  (Summer 2011)

Canadian fellowship to pursue research and participate in the Summer Student Programme at CERN to investigate intercalibration of the charged particle pseudorapidity and calorimeter performance in the forward region.

EXFO Québec Scholarship rewarding dedication and excellence in education (Fall 2010)
Special grant to promote undergraduate studies in the domain of physics, optics and telecom.

NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award fellowship (3 times : Summer 2009, 2010 and 2011)

The Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) aim to stimulate the interests of students in the research fields of natural sciences and engineering. This award has been used to pursue research in respectively : 

  • Biophysical studies of the bacterial flagellar motor, and visualizing the bacterial flagellar rotation using nanoparticles (under the supervision of Simon Rainville).

Science and Engineering Scholarship for leadership and excellence  (Winter 2010)

Science and Engineering Faculty award for leadership in extra-curricular activities and academic excellence .

Physics department Excellence Scholarship (2 times : Fall 2008 and Winter 2009)

Grant to reward a student who has distinguished himself by academic achievement.

Promotion 1956 Honor Scholarship Scholarship for leadership involvement and excellence (Winter 2009)

A special distinction for the students who have demonstrated special talents, creativity, leadership and vision.

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